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With respect and appreciation for the work of those employed in agriculture:

Every day workers in the fertilizer company, the farmers, the distributions, the drivers ,  the retailers and wholesalers play  an essential role in the maintenance of life on this planet.
In the time of a world epidemic and mass restrictions , enforced in different countries in order limit the spread of COVID-19, the employees in the Agriculture and Food industry sectors make great effort in order to ensure the availability and supply of food to people’s homes, while our mission is to ensure the  products needed for the proper growth of their crops in order to achieve high yields.

Main activities


"Euro Fert" SA is a trading company specializing in the trade of mineral fertilizers. In addition, it offers technical salts, such as ammonium bicarbonate. For more than 20 years the company has been a faithful partner of Bulgarian farmers, providing them with quality mineral fertilizers at reasonable prices.


 "Euro Fert" SA offers services in three areas - soil analysis, transport and agro-consultations. In order to assist the customer in choosing the most suitable fertilizer, we offer soil analysis, which includes sampling, chemical analysis and agronomic recommendations depending on the stock of soil with nutrients.
The company has its own fleet and is able to deliver purchased by customers. Our products to anywhere in the country. Highly qualified specialists from the company provide competent advice to farmers on all matters related to agricultural practice - tillage, rates and periods of fertilization, sowing, plant care during the growing season, etc.


The continuous increase of the competence of our employees and workers is realized through the implementation of the annual training programs. Supporting agricultural education "Euro Fert" SA is a company that understands the need for agriculture for qualified personnel and therefore supports agricultural education in Bulgaria.


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