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“Euro Fert” SA
So our land can produce more !

 “Euro fert” SA was founded in august 1999 in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria. The company managed to win the leading position on the bulgarian marketplace of fertilizers. Leading from interests of our clients and from motto: “So our land can produce more”, the company applying flexible trade politics that meet the growing needs of the farmers in Bulgaria. Support in difficult economic situations, in time information about the innovations in sector of agriculture, improvement of the product range - these are just some of the techniques that are the basic in success of “Euro Fert” SA  Among the principles which provide sustainable and progressive development of the company is guaranteeing a high quality of the offered products. It’s also a guarant for the customer satisfaction.The leadership of the company takes care of supporting ethical and transparent relationships with their clients. The
active cooperation with industry organizations and universities in agribusiness makes “Euro Fert” SA a socially responsible company.
The company offers products  from the first in Bulgaria fertilizers manifactures  Neochim PLS –Dimitrovgrad. They have proven high quality and fully meet the needs of contemporary farmers in Bulgaria. They are produced in accordance with European standards.
The main product it offers is ammonium nitrate "NEOFERT" ®. It is among the most preferred  by all farmers in the country until theese days. Among the fertilizers offered by “Euro Fert” SA are the mixed NP and NPK fertilizers "NEOMULTIFERT" ®.


“Euro Fert” SA is a corporation with a one-tier management system, managed by a 3-member Board of Directors. The company is represented by an Executive Director.


The priorities of “Euro Fert” SA are the development of agriculture in Bulgaria, offers a quality mineral fertilizers, as well as the optimization of the system of trade and services. Our efforts are aimed at increasing the yields of agricultural products and effective contribution to  develop a modern and ecological agriculture in the countre.


“Euro Fert” SA works towards its sustainable and upward development, emphasizing on the following basic principles:


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